Taiwan | Part 6


Sun Moon Lake is named one of the eight wonders of Taiwan, and it rightly deserves the title. The shimmering turquoise waters are simply splendid. 

I found the little floating grass patches quite adorable. They reminded me of the floating islands along Punggol Riverside Park. 

The cruise was a short ride of around 20 minutes, and we saw the mini island in the centre of the lake, that divided the lake into the shape of a sun and a moon (hence the name). The island was named Lalu Island in honour of the Thao tribe. There used to be a pavilion on the island, where marriages were held but the 921 earthquake diminished the size of the island. 

Attempting the best duck face ever. 

Mandatory tourist shot. 山美,水美,人也美 ,好山,好水,和好人.

LOL I couldn't resist adding that it. HAHAHAHA 

We dropped by Chung Tai Chan Monastery for a quick look at the cool architecture and giant sculptures of guardians and deities. The monastery was designed by the chief architect for Taipei 101 and it was definitely a majestic building. It is a 43-storey temple with a 7-storey indoor pagoda built without using a single metal screw or nail. Their outdoor garden was also rather picturesque. Out of respect, I didn't take any photos within the monastery buildings.

Our next stop was the Rainbow Military Dependents' Village in Taichung, where all paintings are hand drawn by Mr Huang, a veteran of the KMT.  

The Taiwan government originally wanted to demolish the village but petitions from the public made them preserve it as a tourist attraction. 

Now that's a good place to take step #ootds. 

Fengjia Night Market is so HUGE you can never finish walking through all the alleys within 3 hours. It was bustling with people and the fragrances coming from the various food stalls lured out my inner glutton. 

The displays in their fashion shops called out to me, so I couldn't resist window shopping (and when it comes to shopping, it's so hard for me to stop). My favourite loot from this place was a dope (literally) snapback.

This stall sells amazingly crispy and chewy fried sotong with exotic flavours. 

Just a little down the street, this stall's fried chicken cutlet is juicy, tender and superbly tasty. 

So much foooooood~

These sotong/fishballs were decent, but not exceptionally impressionable though. 

In the end, we da-paoed some more cutlets and sotong (and even stinky tofu) back to our hotel for supper. Oh those guilty pleasures.

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