Rose Gold


Potpourri scattered in a seemingly haphazard fashion. Typography on a marbled background. A splash of contrasting colour.

It's amazing how these simple items, when assembled together, can form a clean and aesthetically pleasant flatlay.

Anyway, I'm glad to say that I don't have to rely on my phone's stopwatch to time for my patient's respiratory rates and heart rates from now on.

My new watch is so much more professional-looking than my old kiddy Hello Kitty bracelet watch. No more judgemental glances from the consultants at hospitals!

I'm slightly sentimental though, so I'll be sad to leave my old watch lying unused in my drawer, together with my other smartwatch.

The other most essential item for clinicals in my handbag, besides my stethoscope and pen torch, would be my moisturising hand cream.

After at least a dozen times of slathering your hands with alcohol wash in a single day (and that's not even counting the times we have to scrub in for operations), your skin will be so dry and cracked you'll definitely need some emergency SOS in the form of hand creams.

Thank goodness for my replenished stash - buh-bye dry skin~

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