To gather together


It's funny how we only gather when there are celebrations or farewells. Spontaneous meet-ups have become a thing of the past, ever since we got caught up by our own hectic college schedules. 

We wouldn't have planned for an outing, what with our clashing timetables, if not for the fact that JQ and CT are flying off to the States and Canada for exchange this semester. 

I missed the girls. I missed the days when we fooled around during recess in JC, forming ridiculous sentences using our newly-learnt SAT vocabulary in the Green Box Study Corner in Block A. I missed our daily trips down to the RJ canteen to hunt for apple bread, mushroom toast and teh peng. I missed our mugging sessions on the third floor of the library. I even missed our post-PE 2.4km practice jogs in the field.

Thank you all for creating amazing JC memories for me. :')

Being budget students, we went for a 50% dining deal at Suki-ya on eatigo. We finished so many plates of shabu-shabu we had literally a mountain of plates stacked atop our dining table. Never thought us girls would have such voracious appetites. HAHA.

I felt like a snorlax post-buffet lunch, but the girls had a sudden craving for bingsu. So our next stop - O'ma spoon. 

I never thought that I would happen to describe shaved ice as soft, fine and in a sense, fluffy, but that was what O'ma spoon's bingsu felt like. Their matcha-flavoured bingsu was heavenly! With saccharine milk drizzled over it, almonds and cashew nuts scattered atop, and topped off with a scoop of matcha ice cream, it tasted as divinely as it looked. Seems like they've gotten themselves a new fan. 

(On a sidenote, after posting food reviews on #burpple for fun, I'm glad to find that my reviews were useful to the burpple food community and I'm officially a Burppler! YAY~ Thanks for sending me the hot pink burpple shirt and for featuring one of my reviews as the Review of The Day!)

Besides meeting up with the JC girls, I've finally managed to get a proper lineage picture with my med school lineage. From left to right, M1, M2, M3, M4. We call ourselves #DescendantsoftheCell. Hopefully we'll all end up smart like Celline. HAHA. 

The only other time I get to meet friends from other postings would be at birthday parties. Here we are at Aru's birthday, where House 4 partially unites again. 

Karmun's twenty-first, where I met more JC friends and med friends! I can't believe I've known her for more than 8 years. It's endearing recalling all our memories of Japanese classes in secondary school where we did crazy stupid stuff like drawing on each other's hands and sneaking little bites of snacks under the desks in MOELC. 

That was before I snipped my hair to half its length. To think about it, I kind of missed my long hair. I could try out so many more hairstyles when it was long...

Hopefully this year, I'll manage to juggle Social life, Sleep and Studies, and not become some reclusive mugger-ish hermit. :)

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