Planning a birthday party is such a huge hassle but hey, you only turn 21 once. I suppose toiling your ass off for a few months to create beautiful memories to look back on decades down the road would be totally worth it!

Thank goodness I've got help from my supportive family and enthusiastic besties, which made things so much easier. 

As I didn't intend for it to be an exceptionally big party (I've only invited my family and a handful of close friends), I didn't require a huge place, and D' Resort @ Downtown East's Beach Cove Duplex was perfect for the party. 

It has been years since I've visited Downtown East and D' Resort's newly renovated lobby left quite a good impression. There was even a tub of lemon water to the side of the reception counters for visitors to grab a drink. 

The check-in process was pretty smooth and in no time, we managed to get down to our room for the set-up. 

Our duplex was located on the third floor of the building, so we had to take a lift up. It was quite cumbersome lugging around the dessert table and other random bags of luggage and decorations. 

The first floor of the duplex includes the toilet and the living room, with a sofa, coffee table, fridge, microwave and coffee maker. As you walk up the stairs, the second floor would have a queen-sized bed, a foldable sofa bed and a balcony. 

Please don't open the balcony door for insects would dive at the opportunity to be let into the air-conditioned room. The moment I slid the door open just a tiny crack, four winged-menaces buzzed their way into the room and chaos descended upon us. 

Before the guests arrived, we started off setting up the dessert table and backdrop. The mixed fruit tartlets, Oreo cheesecake cups and Earl Grey Lavender Floral Cake were from Eunice, who bakes for @sticktograms. Just look at the gorgeous cake design! :) 

Now... when are my guests arriving? 

The pretty blue-swirled mini cupcakes were baked by Clauds, and they were the daintiest, cutest cupcakes I've ever had. 

The beautiful helium balloons were from @partygolddd, which has the best rates for helium balloons in town! 

And the backdrop, with the pastel fans and bunting, was DIY-ed by my lovely siblings and cousin (HAHA free child labour much sibling love! )

My dad was literally my chauffeur for the day, driving me around to collect my desserts, balloons, and even to pick up some of my friends from the MRT station. ILY Dad!

Stef came the earliest to help me with my dessert table arrangements, balloon alignments and she's basically my Art Director for the deco. I'm super duper thankful to have met such an amazingly helpful and sweet bestie like her in JC. She was my constant pillar of support throughout the A level years and even Medicine years. Much love

Every moment with her is always filled with fun! Thanks for bearing with my eccentricities, rants, and not-so-occasional silly bimbotic moments. 


Shan came next to help out with the buffet setup. I ordered my buffet from Thai Pavilion and their food was actually rather decent. I loved their Eclairs, Three-flavoured Fish and Mixed Vegetables Deluxe. My friends had praises for their food too. 

We were just being silly and striking weird poses before the guests arrived. 

Thanks Shan for being my study buddy in M2, in the time period before our second MBBS when we almost changed course from Med to Law from travelling there everyday just to mug... haha. 

With Celline, my awesome senior who specially came down right after Playhouse for my birthday, when her schedule's already crazily packed and she has to fly off immediately the next day. Thanks for all your useful academic tips and I'm super blessed to have you as my counsellor

13SO3C buddies. Thanks for the JC memories and the study tips shared before our A Levels! It was a pity Jes, JQ, and CT couldn't make it. :'( Also, thanks Keijun and Stef for sharing cases in CGH and the intellectual Med discussions!

With Addy and YJ, my M1&2 CGmates, who made CG events insanely fun. Missing Doug and Marcus. 

With Clauds, when our best memories were of learning SAT vocabulary in the green box near our Block A classroom, struggling to pronounce "schadenfreude" together, and thinking of ways to make "moribund" fit into a sentence. 

With Dilys, my cute counsellee! 

With NexUS, my Overwatch LAN buddies, travel companions to hospitals, CGmates and McDonald's study buddies. Thanks for training my abdominal muscles all these while with the hilarious shit that you guys say. So thankful to have you guys in my CG. 

Looking forward to next year's electives with this bunch of insanely fun people (Gerald, YS, Jum and Colin)!

House 4~~~ Thanks for coming! :)

Thanks LW for being such a helpful and enthusiastic friend! 

Thanks Mat for being so friendly and bubbly. Loved trolling juniors together with you. HAHA

Merrel! From CCC to street jazz classes to (hopefully) clubbing buddies ;)

Mon! The most selfless, passionate and warmhearted individual I've ever known! Thanks for being my co-counsellor, the motherly figure in House 4, and most importantly, such a sincere friend! 

Lighting the candles, with guidance from my Art Director, Stef. 

Make a wish!

I didn't manage to take photos with Greg as he reached late, after we cut the cake... Still, I'm touched that so many of them rushed down from Playhouse, all the way from the other end of Singapore, for my party. :') 

With family, friends, alcohol, games and good food, it was definitely a memorable 21st! 

Some of the presents! :) Thanks friends, I'm looking forward to using them real soon! 

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  1. hey! I chanced upon your blog while searching for d'resort duplex cove review. May I know where did you get the table for your dessert table? Cos I dun think it was provided by the chalet? hope to hear from you! hehe.

    1. hello! I brought my own foldable table from my house. If I remember correctly, you could rent from D' Resort's in-house restaurant White Tangerine at $8 per table, $10 per table with skirting, and $1 per stool. When I msged them last Dec, they mentioned that priority will be given to guests who book buffets from them, so there's no guarantee that the tables/stools will be available. Otherwise, a cheaper alternative would be to rent a table from carousell/ book a full dessert table setup. sticktograms, whom I ordered my desserts from, offer a full dessert table set complete with deco and all. :) It might be a little crammed to set up the dessert table in the Duplex Cove though. Hope this is helpful!

  2. Thanks so much for replying me!! So happened that I'm getting my cake from sticktograms too, omg! My friend recommended her to me haha. But I won't be getting a dessert table. Hee, will check out white tangerine and carousell. Thanks so much!

    1. No problem! Happy Birthday in advance! :)