A dab of blue, a splash of water. 

Colours mixing, blending, diffusing across the paper. 

Is it Santorini? Yes, and no. It's Ilios - a postcard-perfect, fictional Mediterranean town, with winding footpaths, gorgeous blue-domed villas and a bustling harbour. One of Overwatch's control point maps. Perhaps its inspiration did come from the Greek island nestled in the Aegean Sea.

The first thing that came to my mind when I picked up the brush was Overwatch-related. Oh-my-freaking-zenyatta-orbs. I'm a hopeless addict. For the past few months, I've been glued to my computer screen, mouse clicking furiously while trying to headshot enemies, and mouthing "NERF THIS!" with a vengeance as my ultimate explodes in a glorious golden blast. (I'm a main.)

I attempted watercoloring to keep myself occupied (and away from my computer), and it did work, for a while... At least up to when I finally completed my art piece. 

Max wasn't pleased when I cuddled and scratched beneath his chin for a bit, and then promptly set him back onto the floor when my game started. Even Pippin came around the corner and stalked behind Stef and me, winding herself around the chairs' legs, seeking attention while we were engrossed in our games. 

Just look at that judgemental glare of his. 

Ah cats. You can never tell what goes on in those little minds of theirs. 

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