Sunday Folks


Sea Salt Gula Melaka - The Asian rendition of salted caramel, topped with crunchy caramel roasted almonds mikado, fluffy gula melaka mochi and gula melaka sauce.

Hazelnut Milk chocolate - Rich creamy pure Italian hazelnut paste (nocciola) with milk chocolate (cioccolato al latte), topped with almond thins and honey toasted granola crumbles.

$10.00 for a serving of soft serve ice cream and waffles, exclusive of GST.

Drizzle. The light patter
  of raindrops on the pavements, struck out
     chords of a lazy Friday evening
          We gaze 
             at the blur of greenery
                outside the misted-over windows 

                     drifted over to meet us. Caramel. Toffee.
                        Or was it hot chocolate?

                            We indulge
                               in the dulcet soft serve
                                  cutting squares from the crisp waffle stacks

                                      Sighing with delight, mouthing
                                         words of compliment

                                             With a fleeting thought of
                                                our rapidly depleting wallets
                                                     And the numbers likely rising
                                                        on the new electronic weighing scale. 

#qotd: What's a balanced diet? A serving of ice cream with waffles, one on each side. 

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