Review of Lynn Aesthetic Facial Treatment

August 16, 2018

A week after my facial treatment at Lynn Aesthetics

Waking up at unearthly hours for ward rounds and pulling all-nighters (on call) during my SIP month have taken a toll on my complexion. The heaps of work and ever-increasing stress levels have caused me to neglect my skincare - when you don't get enough time to sleep, applying masks and toners are the least of your priorities. 

Thankfully, SampleStore & Lynn Aesthetic extended an invitation for me to try out Lynn Aesthetic's Detox Facial on one of my rare free weekends. 

Lynn Aesthetic is a well-established beauty salon located in the heartlands, within walking distance from Kovan MRT station (Northeast Line). 

The moment I stepped into the beauty salon, I was greeted by friendly staff and served refreshments - hot ginger tea and mints - which I thought was a nice personal touch to the service. The soothing background music and lightly-scented fragrance also contributed to the comfortable ambience. 

I was led to one of the two consultation rooms beside the reception area to fill in my personal information. For first-time customers, this is where beauticians will analyse your skin condition and recommend a suitable treatment plan customized for you. 

My assigned beautician, Kerine, led me through a corridor and I realised there's more than meets the eye to Lynn Aesthetic. Hidden behind the corridor is an array of themed facial rooms, with a spiral staircase that leads up to the second floor. The second floor contains a waiting area and more themed massage/facial rooms exclusively for females only. 

Each room had a unique theme, from Garden room with gorgous dangling floral arrangements, to Crystal room, with glittering crystal decorations hanging from the ceiling. On the first floor, there are even combinable rooms for couples who wish to do their facials side-by-side. 

Kerine recommended me to go for the "Young & Trendy Detox Facial", which is more suitable for my age. It is a 1.5 hour skin treatment that helps accelerate cell metabolism and stimulate skin cell regeneration such that we can recover to our ideal skin condition. According to the customer's skin needs, parts of the facial will be customised. For me, dehydration was a concern, so I was offered the hydrating gel. (Other options include oxygenating serum, detox gel, collagen whitening serum, and slimlook gel.)

The entire facial was comfortable and relaxing, with Kerine explaining the various steps and offering skincare tips throughout the session. My skin was first cleansed, toned, and a gommage peel was applied to remove dead skin cells. Specific to this salon, they are unique for their use of warm disinfected towel gloves for gentle and efficient cleansing of the skin. 

A steam outlet was utilized to aid in the subsequent suction and removal/ extraction by relaxing my pores and softening the blackheads and whiteheads. For the more stubborn gunk, they had to be manually removed and it could get a little painful, so do inform your beautician in advance if you have a low pain threshold! 

Next, Kerine helped trim my brows, and applied both eye and lipcare. These two areas are commonly missed out during our home skincare routines, so it's great that they were not neglected during this facial. After the application of the oxygenating night cream, she gave an amazing head, neck and shoulder massage that helped relieve my tense shoulder muscles. 

While waiting for the CO2 cream mask to set, Kerine switched on the massager and heater settings of the bed and it was so comfortable I managed to doze off. 

The facial ended off with toning, cream application and sunblock. 

After everything was completed, refreshments were once again served. This time, it was rose tea with fresh grapes, raspberries, and yogurt. 

Though my face had visible erythematous marks from some of the manual extractions, my complexion looked brighter overall and my skin felt a great deal more moisturised. (Check out the post-facial glow under the exact same lighting with absolutely no filter!)

After the facial, I literally went to work/school barefaced and proud of it. While my hyperpigmentation spots from previous acne scarring didn't experience any drastic lightening, I'm glad that my blackheads are gone for good (at least for the time being) and my skin has regained the age-appropriate youthful glow.

In the next few days post-facial, I experienced slight peeling of my skin on my nose but Kerine had pre-empted me during the facial that it would happen, so I was reassured.

The first picture, taken a week after the facial, is testament to how much brighter my complexion looked. I'm honestly pleasantly surprised that I did not have any new zit outbreaks (Hallelujah!), I'm free from blackheads, and my skin still feels smooth and hydrated!

Thank you Lynn Aesthetic and SampleStore for the facial experience, and kudos to Kerine too, for her fantastic skills and professional service.

Visit SampleStore for more reviews on Lynn Aesthetic and their services.

Lynn Aesthetic
Blk 211 Hougang Street 21 #01-317 
Singapore 530211

Operating hours: 
Mon - Fri: 10am - 9pm
Sat, Sun, PH: 10am - 6pm

For appointments: 6289 8901

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