Recipe: Pan-seared ribeye steak with rosemary

April 23, 2020

No fine dining available during the COVID-19 period? We can always recreate the full restaurant experience and bring fine dining back home to you!

Here's an easy steak recipe that can be replicated and completed in no time at all.
Choosing the ideal steak is of utmost importance. Find the perfect balance between lean and fatty, with sufficient marbling. Personally I would prefer ribeye for a good mix between tender and flavourful.

For the typical city-dweller, relatively fresh steaks can be bought from the meat section (Fairprice finest usually has a counter with a butcher that sells Culina's meat). I don't recall them grading the steaks into Select (more budget), Choice or Prime (more superior) but if they do grade them, for a better quality, opt for Choice, at the bare minimum.

Grain-fed cattle usually has better marbling than grass-fed cattle (which has leaner and tougher meat from their diet).

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